Why the name?

Because the letter Psi is not only the most interesting, but also the most powerful letter you can find. I'd like to see you rule The Seven Seas with your letter.

You can also use it to express the Schrödinger equation and the generalized positional states of a qubit in a quantum computer (I totally looked that up on Wikipedia).

Ψ is the greatest letter around and best of all, it's mine!


  1. You could use the letter P to express the Schrödinger equation if you really want (for example if you don't know how to type Ψ). Nobody cares... (well Physists probably do :p)
    Its only convention to use Ψ.

  2. Exactly, I always use the letter k when I need π = 3.141592...

    I'm all for using P when you need the Schrödinger equation, doing that just makes Ψ all the more mine.